13th International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology

THE FIELDS INSTITUTE, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, November, 04 – 08, 2013

The BIOMAT 2013 International Symposium will be held in the prestigious Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Fields Institute is named to honour John Charles Fields, founder of the Fields Medal, often considered as the Nobel Prize of Mathematics. The BIOMAT 2013 Symposium is a fundamental opportunity for research students and young Post Docs to exchange scientific feedback with their colleagues from Canada, in the best tradition of the BIOMAT Symposium Series.

The present conference will be the 13th edition of a series of symposia organized by the BIOMAT Consortium, a non-profit organization of scientists from universities and research centres from many countries on five continents. The BIOMAT Consortium was founded in 2001, during the activities of the First BIOMAT Symposium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Its fundamental mission is to promote the scientific exchange of knowledge in the interdisciplinary areas of Mathematical Biology, Biological Physics and the Mathematical Modelling of Biosystems as well as the enhancement of multidisciplinary scientific work on Latin America and other regions with developing countries worldwide. The works selected by the BIOMAT Referee Board and senior AdHoc referees, on abstract and full paper form have an acceptance level of 20%. The BIOMAT series of books is indexed by ISI - Web of Science - Scientific Proceedings Citation Index; MathSciNet; Zentralblatt für Mathematik, etc.. The series is published by World Scientific Co. Pte. Ltd. with a DOI number link for the Book Front Matters. There are also exclusive DOI number links for chapters corresponding to accepted papers.